A downloadable fish

Instructions -

WASD or Arrows to move
Mouse 1 to attack
Mouse 2 to block

Your attack propels you forward quickly. A successful hit is denoted by a blue flash.
blocking lasts a short amount of time and has a cooldown, but if you block just as an enemy attacks you they will be stunned for a short time which gives you
free reign to attack them. A green flash confirms a successful block.
Enemy fish can attack too, and a successful hit against you will result in a red flash.

Lily pads are placeholder frog obstacles, or frogstacles.

This is still very, very buggy, and I didn't really get to work on it as long as I'd have liked due to work, but I have some ideas going forward and will probably add to it in the coming week.

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Published85 days ago


Pond.rar (9 MB)